Bucket List


~gallop on a horse

~meet real-life dolphins

~take archery lessons

~publish a novel, and make it onto the New York Time’s Best Seller list

~ go skydiving

~act in a movie

~throw a bottle with a note into a river

~ be acknowledged in a book written by a friend

~travel to different places around the world

~ get a black belt

~meet a celebrity

~photograph a wedding

~take someone’s engagement pictures

~actually live in another state/country for a time

~pay a stranger’s tab at a restaurant

~leave a note in a library book

~have my favorite author sign my book

~walk through a drive-thru

~have a book I’ve written made into a movie

~shop on Black Friday

~drive down route 66

~kiss under a mistletoe

~see a shooting star

~smash a pie in someone’s face (in a good way!)

~witness a wedding proposal

~be given a car as a present

~stand on top of a mountain

~go to a spa

~go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade

~watch the sunrise at the beach

~be the maid of honor in a wedding


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