~Labor Day Barbecue~

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Hello everyone! For Labor Day we had a small gathering of friends from church to have a barbecue out in a local park. The little kids played at the nearby gymnasium while the older folk talked, then we had burgers and hot-dogs for supper (and later one s’mores for dessert) and as the sun began to set, we played a game of non-professional volleyball which turned out to be a lot of fun than I expected. 🙂

So, how was your Labor Day yesterday? Do tell.

Love, Nela


2 comments on “~Labor Day Barbecue~

  1. Looks like fun! Our labor day was simple… staying home and relaxing, enjoying the break from the crazy weekend prior… I also tried my hand at making a rabbit stew and found out that it can be quite delicious… though some members of the family found it hard to, well, enjoy!

  2. Deya says:

    So fun!!!! I’ve always wanted to make smores…some day soon:)! I watched movies all day and did some reading for classes. Glad you had a great day Nela!

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