~Festival Dancing & Music ~


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This past weekend held an annual festival called Corn Days where my church did an English Country Dance for part of the entertainment. Overall, I thought they did a pretty good job, even though I wouldn’t have mind joining them in some of the dances. 😉 Barn dancing is totally a favorite of mine, (right after hip-hop). If you’re ever in my area sometime in early August, then know for sure that I’ll be inviting you there for some sweet corn, watermelon, ice-cream, and PIE! 😀

Take care everyone!


6 comments on “~Festival Dancing & Music ~

  1. zimmerman family says:

    Is this similar to the English harvest festival…when the crops are harvested..
    some of the churches would then have a thanksgiving service to give thanks to the Lord for his providence ? Thanks

  2. goodness… how many happy memories do I have of times when my feet were sore, and laughter filled my smile, and joy overflowed in my heart from the simple times of dancing {well,from contra-dancing, which is a mix of english/country/irish dancing} The delight of swinging, twirling, and stomping until you’re dead tired makes for quite a time! It looks like this was a special memory, and a great time of rejoicing and sweet summer fellowship… you captured the time beautifully, as you always do!

  3. Deya says:

    Hi Nela! Looks like so much fun :)! Just started following your blog through RSS Feed.

  4. Morgan says:

    That looks so neat Nela! I love that type of music and dancing.
    Your pictures were as always..amazing!


  5. Morgan says:

    Hi Nela,
    I’m sorry to be annoying but what do you use to edit your pictures?

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