~A Visit to Oklahoma~

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DSC_0482 DSC_0483 DSC_0484 DSC_0487DSC_0489DSC_0501DSC_0502DSC_0503DSC_0517DSC_0518DSC_0524DSC_0530DSC_0536DSC_0540DSC_0557DSC_0561DSC_0568DSC_0573DSC_0578DSC_0589DSC_0592DSC_0624DSC_0626DSC_0633DSC_0648DSC_0649DSC_0652DSC_0653(photo courtesy to Petie, her mom and sister, and me)

   Books/hairstyles/make-up/swimming/95 degree weather/watermelon/cleaning/preparing the meal/eating/ Oklahoma scenery/writing notes back home/togetherness/photo-shooting/giggly laughs/horses/smiles/church/singing worship songs/having discussions/ hummingbirds (not very often you see them in Iowa)/rain/visiting and eating at “The Diner”/ coffee stop/salmon and kale chips dinner/first time watching “Flywheel” (very good story-line)/red telephone booth for a prompt/big smiles/fly home/dinosaur bones in a Chicago airport/the ending of the day/

Hello dear readers!

Recently I got to visit one of my blogging friends Petie (from all things bright and beautiful) in Oklahoma.

It was a great, relaxing trip. Petie and her family were very hospitable and memories of shopping, touring, movie-watching, and getting to know Petie and her family better was a great experience. I think the only difference that Oklahoma and Iowa have is the dirt. (In which case I brought some home with me in a bottle and is now sitting on my bookshelf)

Petie, if you’re reading this then you probably know what I think about you. But if not, here it is: You’re an awesome sport, and you truly love the people around you. 😀 Your perseverance in running is superb, the way you do your make-up and hair in the morning is inspiring to watch, as well as listening to you sing. Tell your family that I miss Lydia’s hairstyles she did on me, your father’s discussions, your mother’s kale chips, your relatives, your friends from church, as well as yourself. Thank-you for making my time in Oklahoma great. You really deserve an award for making people feel comfortable in their own skin. 🙂


In Christ our Lord,

Marianela (Nela for short)

(read Petie’s account here)


9 comments on “~A Visit to Oklahoma~

  1. What a fun time! Your hair was done so beautifully, and your joy in spending time with friends flows from all your photos… isn’t the mercy of the Lord so amazing, in bringing to us kindred spirits to laugh with and cherish? I am so delighted for you, sweet friend, and pray that one day we may do likewise!


  2. Samantha says:

    Love your pictures, Nela! They are so pretty.

  3. Petie says:

    awwww!!! wiping away little tears right now. 🙂 love this post, and love you!!!

  4. […] (read Nela’s account of her trip here) […]

  5. Natalie says:

    Oh my, this is so sweet. So glad you and Petie got to get together!

    Also, please don’t think we’ve forgotten about writing–weve been a little (okay a lot busy) with summer reading and church and life, BUT. BUT. I have not forgotten you, and we will write soon! forgive my tardiness.

  6. Lauricia says:

    First, I love these pictures. You really captured the carefree, fun, summery joyful feel, and they make one happy to see.
    You experienced my dream, Nela! So glad you two got to meet each other! Sounds like such an amazing experience for you both.

  7. Morgan says:

    I really liked all your pictures and that is so cool that you got to meet a blogging friend bet you all had a WONDERFUL time

  8. Kati says:

    I just got to thinking about you tonight and I went looking for you. Somehow, your new blog didn’t register in my feed. So I’ve been looking back at all the posts you’ve done.

    Where exactly in Oklahoma were you? My brother lived in Oklahoma for a couple of years. He was in a small town called Sulphur. I saw on the mug it said Norman. We went through that town on our visit to OK.

    • Marianela says:

      Hi Kati! Hope you are doing well. :hugs:

      I was in the Blanchard area when I visited there. I also visited Oklahoma City for flights and stuff. 🙂 Take care and hope to hear from you soon!

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