~Beautiful Iowa~

DSC_0022{my second-cousin, Charley)

DSC_0021{second cousin Olivia}

DSC_0050{second cousin Jayden}

DSC_0070{Henry’s birthday cake}


DSC_0067Watching “How Animals Eat Their Food”. The rhinoceros is my fave. 😉

DSC_0083 {little Henry learning how to roller-blade}


{early morning on the farm}









Life in Iowa is pleasant, but at times full of surprises, trials, and adventures.

I may not always appreciate Iowa, but it’s where I grew up and will always have a special place in my <3.

So tell me, dear reader, what’s your special place? 🙂



3 comments on “~Beautiful Iowa~

  1. Ah! It seems like a lovely haven, out among the farms and land… {and mulberry trees! What a treat it is when we find one around here…} Maybe the Lord shall one day bless me with the joy to experience this peaceful place… {and visit with you!}. Lovely photos!

  2. Beautiful pics Nela!

  3. Rebekah says:

    Iowa is my special place as well! My feet may wander about now and then….but I’m sure that this good ol’ Iowa soil is always gonna have a place in my heart.
    Lovely pictures, Nela!!!

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